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I broke down and downloaded Fly and I’m so excited to listen to it! I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to wait 2 months until the concert to hear these songs. It’s YUKI afterall, new releases from her are all I live for! Everyone is telling me about how good it is and that I should listen to it so I can sing along with the songs at the concert. And they’re right. YUKI’s music is like the happiest part of my life, I and I’ve waited like a year for her to release something. So now I’m going to listen to it and play resident evil and be in heaven.

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It’s been so long since I’ve actually written a song, but I did tonight and I’m so happy. I’m getting back in touch with that part of my life

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s-h-o-y-u-u: Hey! I came across a post of your's about how buying CD's in Japan was one of your goals. And it's actually one of my goals too ! I can't afford to order those CD's online, but I want to go to Japan one day and just buy everything I was there.. And I'm so glad you love Sheena and Yuki so much, cause I don't stumble upon many people who do. I'm sorry if this is weird but I wanted to say it .. :D


Wow thank you so much for this message! I’m glad someone understands why it was so important to me! You sound just like me before I went to Japan and I am always so happy when I come across other people who are as passionate about these artists as I am. Japanese musicians are the whole reason I went to Japan so I was like a kid in a candy store every time I went into a CD shop. Besides the price, it’s just such a wonderful experience to go into a music store and see a ton of albums you love so dearly and be able to hold them and take them home. Going to Japan was such a beautiful adventure and I can’t for your dream to come true as well! I know you’ll have a great time

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Members of the pillows:
Dainty princess
Cool n’ mysterious
Unconscious drunk

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The Pillows / Happy 25th Anniversary!

A perfect birthday cake was made by the pillows. (*^-^*) 



Seiko is in several magazines this month, including CD Journal, Music Magazine and Trickster Age!

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True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.

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I’m rewatching the Pillows 2008 USA tour and crying.

Guys seriously I don’t think I can take how much I love Sawao, this is too much. Everything he does hurts my heart. What am I gonna do if I can never express my love to him?

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Last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with Sawao in a van and we were laughing and becoming best friends and he was showing me photo albums of the pillows and then he started making me eat all this weird food that I didn’t like, but I wanted to make him happy, and then he have me some weird food I didn’t know how to eat and I ate it wrong so he got furious and kicked me out and I woke up heartbroken

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